Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Champ is here

Los Angeles - On the birthday of boxing's greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali turned 68 on Sunday, the sport's current pound for pound best arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night to a throng of fans and well wishers. Yes Los Angeles, once again begging preparations at The Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, California. The routine has been set in stone over the last several years. Pacquiao fights in the United States, returns to the Philippines, then arrives in Los Angeles for training camp several weeks before the fight. In the days leading up to March 13th, when Pacquiao is scheduled to fight junior welterweight Joshua Clottey, thousands of fans will show up at the doors of the Wild Card Gym to get a glimpse, photo, or autograph of their hero. Though Manny has arrived, the next few days will be a whirlwind affair with press conferences in Dallas, Texas (Pacquiao vs.
Clottey will take place at Cowboys Stadium) and New York City, New York to build up the hype for the event. Once the media tour finishes, Pacquiao will return to Los Angeles and is expected to begin training on Friday afternoon. Winchell Campos, public relations man for Pacquiao, could not provide me the names of potential sparring partners, but assured Pacquiao will conduct light roadwork while on the media docket. For the next few weeks Los Angeles will be the fight capital of the world as The Champ is here.

Source: Examiner.com

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