Monday, March 22, 2010

Pacquiao vs Clottey Match Result By Round

Updated Every round. Live! Just Stay Tuned. (Press F5 to refresh you screen every minute)

Rd 12: IT'S ALL OVER! Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision! Scores: 120-108, 119-109, 119-109. There's no KO because all Clottey do is defense. Barely punching.

Rd 11: clottey survives an MP flurry at end of the round. MP not settling for win on points. He wants the KO. Last round here we go!
Rd 10: MP clearly up on points. Question is can MP be the 1st ever to break the tough Defense and knock Clotty out?

Rd 9: Deja Vu? Looked like most other rounds. Clottey defending, barely punching. MP attacking now more body, head, angles etc...

Rd 8: clottey warned for a low blow. MP combo breaking thru more now. Clottey legs looked wobbly for awhile. Clot Corner:"wer losing every rd!"

Rd 7: clottey punched more in 1st 2 mins. But covered up in last minute. Clot corner now saying: "let's punch more now ok?"

Rd 6: another MP round. MP inviting clottey to punch. Looking for counter-punch opportunities

Rd 5: same same. Clottey covered tight like a knight in armor. MPnsettlin for working the aides of his body hoping to open up headshots.

Rd 4: Pacman (frustrated) warned for a 2 fisted punch to left & right side at same time. bawal pala yun? MP still. Dominant to body.

Rd 3: Pacman working body very effectively. Clottey finally punching more. Connecting with some right straights and left jabs.

Rd 2: more defense from Clottey. Manny got a good left hook to body, made Clottey wince a bit. Clottey hardly hardly punching at all.

Rd 1: was like American Football. 1 team on offense & 1 team on defense. Clottey had hands up 90% of time. Manny kept punching away.

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