Saturday, March 20, 2010

Freddie Roach exclusive: secrets behind Manny Pacquiao’s incredible physique

The third part of an exclusive Telegraph Sport interview with Freddie Roach, the LA trainer reveals that:

* Manny Pacquiao’s great physique has been built on “sports science and hard work”
* Pacquiao needs five meals a day and five protein shakes a day while in training camp because he loses weight so rapidly
* Floyd Mayweather “has never been the bravest of fighters”

Roach acknowledges the great work done over the past two years by conditioning coaches Alex Ariza and Teri Tom, who have created a dynamic programme for Pacquiao based on sports science technology. Roach revealed that the ’secret’ to Pacman’s great physique is the science, nutrition and work ethic combined, a combination of analysis, genetics and sweat and spit. The marriage of old school, and sports science.
“Manny Pacquiao’s strength and physique have been built by science and hard work, yes. But there is a real hard work element there. We have to keep weight on Manny, not off, in training camp. He loses weight so fast and gets in condition so rapidly. He responds so quickly – because his work ethic is so incredible. You know – you’ve seen him train many times,” he told me. “When Manny Pacquiao trains, we have to keep feeding him – five meals a day and five protein shakes a day. When we get closer to the fight we start cutting back on the work because we want him at the weight.” “I don’t want him at 147 coming into camp. I want him at 155 coming in. You always have to have something to work down to. If you are on weight the whole time…for me that doesn’t work. People say it’s the way to go, but it’s not logical…”

“You need to to come down to your peak weight…”

Roach also re-asserted that Mayweather may be unable, mentally, to walk around with the prospect of a loss on his unbeaten record:

“It is always been a factor. He’s never been the bravest guy in the world. When [Antonio] Margarito was the toughest guy out there, Mayweather wouldn’t fight him. He was offered 8 million dollars a couple of times and he never fought him…never will. He picks and chooses his opponents. He picks the right guys, with the right styles. There is so much controversy in getting a fight together between Mayweather and Pacquiao because they are trying to come up with all these ‘Mayweather Rules’. Either they were trying to get inside Manny’s head, or my head, or they really don’t want to fight us…. Period.” Pacquiao vs Clottey.


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