Sunday, March 14, 2010

Roach Thinks Teddy Atlas is a FA…yohoo!!!

Teddy Atlas the ESPN’s Friday Night Fight host tells all about his anonymous, very reliable source that Team Pacquiao sent an email to Team Mayweather those “what if’s… Manny used PEDs, can we kept it secret?”. Lots of people questioned it, lots of people asked “how come the very respectable Teddy Atlas come up with that gossip, that very gay type of report?” Do you think pambansang anino has Floyd’s email? Hehehehehe… I don’t think so. How about Buboy? Impossible! Roach told me at the phone yesterday that he lost respect for Teddy Atlas.
"I used to like him a lot but I tink he is a f@(<#& a$$#@*. He never gave credit to Manny, and what he’s preaching right now are all lies." "Leonard, Hearns, Dela Hoya, Duran, Henry Armstrong are multiple champions in several different weight classes. Did we hear anything accusing them of steroids? No! they never did and they never will. So, I’m tired of this bs," Roach said. I told Roach, what if they came back with “those were yesteryears, steroids don’t exist yet at that time”… Roach responds that "steroids were here long time ago, older than Sugar Ray, Hitman, Hands of Stone, etc… it’s just that he don’t like to acknowledged Manny." By the way, steroids were already banned by the International Olympic Committee in 1967, Sugar Ray Leonard was barely 11 years old at that time. Teddy Atlas told Boxingtalk G. Leon many people forget that James Lightsout Toney was tested positive when he fought John “the new Golden Boy recruit” Ruiz, and the trainer was Freddie Roach. Roach's retort: "I never said that James is clean. But in Manny’s case I’m saying that he is clean, never caught with something illegal as per any boxing commissioning body after every the fight. Then why should we follow Mayweather’s. Is he the commissioner now?" Tell us Freddie then why is Mayweather making this fight so hard? "It’s very simple, HE IS SCARED! MANNY WILL PASTE HIS SHOULDERS IN HIS CHEEKS FOREVER."
Roach on Clottey
Ok… lets go to Joshua Clottey. If he didn’t fight easy in the last 2 rounds against Cotto, he might get the decision. Cotto barely won the fight. Personally regardless of money, I prefer this fight against Mayweather. This is a very entertaining fight, fans will like this one. He is strong and a legitimate opponent for Manny. We’ll approach this fight more difficult than that of Hatton, Cotto and Dela Hoya. He is very hungry and this is a chance for him to be on top. So, we will not overlook Clottey. Clottey’s 3 losses were a DQ loss from Carlos Baldomir, Unanimous Decision loss to Antonio Margartio and a Split Decision loss to Miguel Cotto. But he never been knockedout. But he was knocked down by a Cotto jab in the first round. That’s ok, Alfonso Gomes of Teddy Atlas’ ESPN contender (hosted by “multiple weight champion Sugar Ray Leonard”) show was knocked down by a Cotto Jab also. Oh!BeerTime! I’m calling Mr. Jerry Jones, if he can’t bring Manny and Money in the ring, why not invite the two on next month’s NBA All-Star… Manny on the Blue Team with Mark Wahlberg and Floyd on the Red Team with .50cent… Iverson said that don’t want to play on the All-star weekend if selected, why not?


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