Monday, March 15, 2010

Juan Manuel Marquez must be drunk off his ‘urine’ if he thinks Pacquiao is scared

Another byproduct of the failed mega-fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is other fighters thinking they are first in line to get a shot at one of them. And when that doesn’t happen they start talking trash. Juan Manuel Marquez thought he would be in line to face PacMan for a 3rd time when the “PacWeather” fight fell through. Marquez was upset when Pacquiao chose to fight Clottey and not him. So, in his infinite wisdom, Marquez concluded that Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight him because he is “scared”. According to, Marquez made the following comments about Manny Pacquiao: “When the fight between Mayweather against Pacquiao fell through, De La Hoya told me that I was the next option [for Pacquiao] and I told him that I was ready to fight once more with him.
He told me that he would speak with Bob Arum, but in the end they surprised me with his decision that he preferred to sign another fight, so once again he is afraid me.” Are you kidding me? Marquez you must be drunk off of your own urine. Why would Pacquiao fight you for a third time? He’s already beaten you twice. Yes, the first fight he won. The controversial draw saved Marquez. Another thing, Marquez just came off a systematic loss to Mayweather and looked like an amateur as he was defeated in all facets of the fight. Pacquiao’s coming off two huge victories over Hatton and Cotto. Fighting Marquez would be a step backwards and a waste of time. I guess when you reach the top, everyone is trying to knock you off or get a piece of the pie. Marquez is nothing more than an afterthought. He truly must be “urintoxicated”….


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